Upgrade to Eco Materials Adviser Full Version

Eco Materials Adviser Base Version accesses a sample materials database and provides a rapid environmental impact analysis for product parts or smaller assemblies within Autodesk Inventor.

Eco Materials Adviser Full Version provides access to the full database of nearly 3,000 materials, more in-depth environmental analysis, and the ability to analyze any Autodesk Inventor assembly. You can optimize eco impact, cost, and performance for your product.

Eco Materials Adviser Enterprise Version allows you to work with your company's own managed materials data within Autodesk Inventor.

For a full comparison between the versions, see below.

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Eco Materials Adviser runs within Autodesk Inventor and accesses a comprehensive database of materials, process, and environmental data over the Internet. The Full Version is enabled by purchasing an annual subscription to this Cloud-hosted data.

You can buy up to ten copies of Eco Materials Adviser via this website.

To license more than ten copies, or for the Enterprise Version, contact us »

Note: you must have a licensed copy of Autodesk Inventor in order to run Eco Materials Adviser.


Version comparison

Base Version—it's already in your Autodesk Inventor

  • Search and browse a sample database of approximately 50 materials
  • Eco analysis on small assemblies (less than 20 parts)
  • Calculate energy and CO2 due to raw materials, manufacture, end-of-life
  • Calculate the cost, water usage, RoHS compliance, food contact compatibility of your product
  • Generate PDF reports to summarize Base Version analysis

Full Version—why should you upgrade?

  • Comprehensive, cloud-hosted materials property database covering nearly 3,000 metals, plastics, composites, ceramics, and natural materials
  • Use the materials properties in other Inventor tools (e.g., stress analysis) and other Autodesk applications (e.g., Autodesk Vault®)
  • Full eco analysis on any size of Inventor assembly
  • Calculate energy and CO2 for the full product lifecycle—includes transport and use phases in addition to raw materials, manufacture, and end-of-life
  • Add consideration of finishing processes—painting, electroplating, powder coating
  • Calculate the cost, water usage, RoHS compliance, food contact compatibility of your product
  • Guide materials selection and substitution—search for suitable materials from ~3,000 options and rapidly assess the impact of a materials change
  • Generate PDF reports to communicate your in-depth analysis

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Enterprise Version—use your own data

  • All of the features of the Full Version available for use with your own materials data
  • Create a single source database for your proprietary materials data using the industry-leading GRANTA MI™ system—connect to this system from within Autodesk Inventor

Contact us for details of the Enterprise Version »