About Eco Materials Adviser

Eco Materials Adviser is an easy-to-use, interactive tool within the Autodesk Inventor software. You can access an authoritative source of materials property data from Granta Design and assign this data to your Inventor model, supporting product analysis. Together with new environmental assessment tools, this helps you to optimize eco impact, cost, and performance for your product.

Eco Materials Adviser in Inventor
Eco Materials Adviser in Autodesk Inventor. Choose materials from Granta's authoritative database, apply these materials to parts in your model, and immediately see the implications via the eco impact dashboard.

How do I get Eco Materials Adviser?

The Base Version of Eco Materials Adviser is installed with Autodesk Inventor—any Inventor user can access it via the Environments tab. It provides a sample database and base eco analysis capabilities.

The Full Version is available for purchase from this website. It adds the full database of 3,000 materials, more in-depth analysis, and support for larger assemblies.

The Enterprise Version enables you to access and apply your company's in-house materials data.

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What does Eco Materials Adviser do?

With Eco Materials Adviser you can:

Browse and search materials—browse and query a material database (three different levels are available) to find the materials that you need.

Assign materials—assign materials to parts in your Inventor model. Key materials properties are applied to the parts for use in Eco Materials Adviser calculations and in other Inventor tools, such as stress analysis. Eco Materials Adviser can also operate with materials assignments that you have made from existing Inventor libraries.

Run eco impact analyses—estimate key environmental and cost indicators: CO2 footprint, embedded energy, water usage, estimated raw materials cost, RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances), food compliance, and end-of-life behavior.

Explore alternatives—set a baseline and see the impact of changes in the materials choice via the interactive eco impact dashboard. You can understand the environmental impact of decisions and make alternative materials selections that better meet regulatory and environmental objectives, without compromising cost or performance.

Generate reports—record your decisions and support communication.

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Benefits of the Eco Materials Adviser

Eco Materials Adviser is quick to learn, easy-to-use, interactive, and integrated into your CAD software. You can:

  • Find the materials data that you need and apply it within Autodesk Inventor
  • Analyze environmental impact alongside cost and performance
  • Guide materials selection, enabling design of more sustainable, cost-effective, and durable products
  • Clearly communicate the benefits of your design decisions

Granta Design for materials and sustainable design

Eco Materials Adviser has been developed as a collaboration between Autodesk and Granta Design. It draws on Granta's unique and comprehensive library of materials information and innovative 'eco audit' technology. Granta are the materials information technology experts, a spin-out from Cambridge University founded by Professors Mike Ashby (author of Materials and the Environment) and David Cebon. Granta provides tools to many world-leading engineering enterprises and develops eco design capabilities in collaboration with the Environmental Materials Information Technology Consortium, an international group of leading manufacturing companies.

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